Alliance disappointed on progress on publication of Castlereagh Minutes and Expenses

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has expressed his disappointment at efforts by Castlereagh Borough Council to publish details of Councillors’ allowances and Council minutes.

The Council has a policy to publish details of Councillors’ expenses on an annual basis on the Council’s website but the figures for 2009/10 do not appear to be yet available despite the fact that we are well into the next financial year. In addition, despite a policy to publish Council minutes, the website only carries details of minutes to the end of April.

Cllr. Long said, “As the Councillor who pressed for the publication of both the minutes and Councillor expenses in order to increase openness and transparency, I am very disappointed at the apparent delays in updating figures on the website.

“Under the FoI section, no expenses for the last financial year are yet available whilst the Council minutes are only available until the end of April- almost 4 months ago. I believe that all of this information should be made available as quickly as possible as ratepayers have the right to know how decisions are taken and how much is spent on Councillors.”


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