Lo hails child internet safety campaign

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has welcomed the launch of a primary school online safety campaign which is being pioneered by the PSNI. She said that young people must be made aware of the potential dangers the internet can hold and said that this scheme will help children make the most of the net whilst protecting their own safety.

Anna Lo MLA said: “It is of paramount importance that young people are aware of the dangers they could face online and the measures they should take to keep themselves safe. This is a very welcome campaign and I want to praise all the organisations involved in it.

“It is staggering and deeply worrying that figures released with the launch of this scheme show that 65% of teenagers surveyed said they had responded to or contacted a stranger online or through a social networking site.

“The survey also showed that 58% of teenagers’ parents do nothing to encourage online safety. I would appeal to parents to make sure they monitor their children and do all they can to protect them whilst they are using the internet.

“The internet can be a vital learning resource, but young people must be protected, and know how to protect themselves as they use it.”


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