Alliance tables detailed proposals on justice

Alliance Leader David Ford has published detailed proposals for the devolved Department of Justice which were tabled at a meeting of party leaders in Stormont today.

David Ford stated: “At today’s meeting of party leaders, I made clear that any nomination of an Alliance member for Minister of Justice would be based around agreed policies for policing and justice, and also significant progress towards putting in place a policy on community relations in Northern Ireland.

“Alliance is not interested in personality politics or ministerial office for the perks. Alliance is ambitious to serve in government to play a constructive role, to make a real difference, and to promote Alliance values and policies.

“At this meeting, I formally tabled our detailed proposals, and we are publishing them now. Our policy thinking has already helped to shape the Hillsborough Agreement, and we have respected the policy content in that Agreement.

“But Alliance believes that we must go further. Confidence relating to the devolution of policing and justice is not merely a matter of what happens before devolution but what happens afterwards. Indeed, devolution should not be regarded as an event that happens on one particular day, but rather is a process whereby the Minister and Department of Justice, the Executive and the Assembly, demonstrate the tangible benefits of transferring powers from Westminster to the Assembly. That is why Alliance believes that agreement on policies is required.

“Alliance believes that the ongoing divisions in our society remain the greatest challenge facing our devolved structures. There are considerable economic, financial and social consequences arising from these divisions. Any credible Executive needs to be giving this top priority.

“Alliance has engaged with the Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister since the meeting at Hillsborough last Friday. I am pleased to say that progress has been made both on policies for justice and on community relations. We will continue to engage positively and constructively with other parties and the wider community.”


Alliance Proposals for Programme for Government Policing and Justice Addendum

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