Lo backs policing for hospital but says it is sad reflection on today’s society

South Belfast Alliance Representative Anna Lo has backed the decision to provide police protection staff and patients at Belfast City Hospital. She said that the fact that there was a need to provide these police is a sad indictment on society today. Two officers will be present at the hospital on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 2200 till 0300.

Anna Lo said: ” I welcome the police decision to provide two officers to protect staff and patients on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights.

“However, this is a sad indictment on our society that we need to provide police protection in this hospital for those who care for sick people and for people that are hurt or unwell.

“We have heard about a number of horrific attacks on hospital staff and I hope that this measure provides the protection they need to let them get on with their good work.

“I hope this scheme is successful and I hop that it is rolled out to other hospitals in Northern Ireland.”


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