Alliance Deputy Leader slams Sinn Fein hypocrisy on policing

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA, has condemned Sinn Féin’s hypocrisy as they demanded the de-politicisation of policing, while at the same time making policing central to the political process. She stated that had Sinn Fein politicised the issue by placing conditions on their decision to support the police

The East Belfast Assembly Member said: “There is absolutely no excuse for Sinn Fein placing conditions on their decision to support the police.

“They have unfortunately linked their commitment on policing to political progress. Policing should be genuinely de-politicised.

“Sinn Fein have been hypocritical on this matter, as they asked for de-politicisation, but acted to further politicize policing.

“This Sinn Fein policy change is long overdue and now is the time for them to prove their commitment on the ground, through support and co-operation.

“Even with yesterday’s comments from Gerry Adams on reporting incidents, Sinn Fein still fall short, because we need to see the whole party making an effort and working with police. With policing it is all or nothing, and Sinn Fein must prove that they are fully behind the police.

“To create the best police service for everyone, the four sectarian parties must get rid of their tribal agendas for good.”


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