Alliance Leader slams Minister for sleepwalking into crisis on Muckamore

Alliance Leader David Ford has hit out at the Minister’s response to the Muckamore crisis in today’s Assembly debate. He also said that the Minister’s silence on the Bamford recommendations is a damning indictment of his credentials on mental health issues.

David Ford said: “The Muckamore crisis illustrates the widespread underfunding of mental health services in Northern Ireland. Much of the pious talk of community care unfortunately leaves parents at breaking point because of the lack of support provided by the government.

“The mental health sector is unfortunately a Cinderella services. It is always at the bottom of the pile when funding is being handed out. By not addressing this problem, the Minister has been sleepwalking into the Muckamore crisis and future mental health crises.

“The four sectarian parties in the last Executive never addressed this problem either, and they also have serious questions to answer.

“Someone needs to convene a full inquiry on Muckamore. The Minister merely talking to a few civil servants about it is simply not good enough.

“The human rights of people were interfered with at Muckamore. They unfortunately do not have a voice themselves so we must fight their corner and get the best for them.

“The deafening silence of the Minister on the recommendations of the Bamford Review is a damning indictment on his commitment to providing top quality services for people who really need them.”


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