IMC Report Provides Opportunity for Progress

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry, has stated that the latest IMC Report confirms the continued winding up of the IRA, and called upon other parties to seize the opportunity provided by the accurate reporting provided by the Commission.

Stephen Farry said:

“This latest IMC Report provides further confirmation that the IRA are moving rapidly on a journey towards totally peaceful and democratic means. Clearly, there is now no current sanctioned paramilitary activity . It is particularly encouraging that the IMC are continuing to report a progressive dismantling of IRA structures. Most progress has occurred with respect to the military means to engage in terrorism, but further work must be carried out to remove the means of exercising social control over communities. This must remain an ongoing process, with command and control ultimately being removed.

“The situation within Loyalism is much less positive. Neither the UVF nor the UDA has traveled as far as the IRA , and there is a worrying pattern of continuing involvement in serious paramilitary activity . Political pressure needs to be applied to ensure that much more is done, and the political representatives of loyalists must be held to account.

“The IMC is playing a critical role in facilitating the path to political progress. Its reports replace rumour and innuendo with clear evidence, allowing much more informed political decisions to be taken. It is now up to others, in particular the DUP and Sinn Fein, to seize the opportunity. If this IMC Report now seems routine, it is important to stress that the IMC was originally envisaged to play a critical role in conjunction with a functioning Assembly, and addressing any breaches of faith on the part of any party in government.”


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