Lo appalled by attack on shelter church

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has condemned an attack on Belfast City Church on Monday night. The church had given shelter to over 100 Romanians last week who had fled their homes. Anna Lo also expressed sadness at news that the majority of people have decided to leave Northern Ireland

Anna Lo MLA said: “This church had given shelter to Romanian people last week and I am appalled that it has now come under attack.

“These thugs need to be caught and their campaign of intimidation must be stopped.

“I can understand why many of the Romanian people who fled their homes have chosen to leave here, but unfortunately these racist thugs will try to say that this is a victory for them..

“I am also sad that Northern Ireland is in the news again due to actions of a tiny minority of individuals whose views are not representative of people here. People are sickened by them and these thugs will not win.

“This church attack was despicable and I would urge anybody with any information about this incident to contact police immediately.”


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