Lo says QUB job cuts will have very negative impact

Alliance Employment and Learning Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has expressed fears that cutting over 100 jobs at Queens University will have a very negative impact on local education. The university’s ruling Senate agreed to the job cuts today.

Anna Lo MLA said: “While I can see why the university wants to make efficiencies, these job cuts will have a serious impact on local education. What sort of message does it send out that a leading local university and research centre is planning to shed over 100 jobs?

“Every effort must be made to save these jobs and no gloss can be put on the fact that these jobs will be lost to the academia in Northern Ireland, unless something can be done.

“There is much concern about them targeting teaching for redundancies and this may have a negative impact on the quality of teaching. It also appears that Queens University are basing these decisions on projections that cannot be verified because Department of Employment and Learning spending priorities have not been confirmed for after 2011.”


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