Ford anger at UDA guns for cash bid

Alliance Leader David Ford has expressed disgust at a report that the UDA is believed to have asked the Government for millions of pounds in exchange for full decommissioning. He said it appears that the UVF have done what is required on decommissioning and the UDA must now do the same

David Ford said: “If these reports are correct, this is an affront to every victim of UDA violence. The UDA have a reputation as extortionists and if they are seeking financial gains for decommissioning then they have plumbed new depths.

“It seems that the UVF have done what is required and the UDA must now do the same.

“Terrorists must never be bought off. They must realise that to ever have a chance of playing a role in politics and in our society they must give up their guns. The UDA must decommission fully now or face the consequences of failing to meet the Secretary of State’s deadline.

“The message to the UDA must be loud and clear – Get a grip and give up your guns now.”


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