Let’s have one exciting new stadium instead of three old ones

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said other parties in Northern Ireland have to show some ambition regarding sports and deliver a new shared stadium instead of essentially adding a lick of paint to three old ones.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Why give three old, and in some cases, outdated stadia a makeover when for the same type of cash we could build a larger more exciting shared stadium.

“This plan to revamp three old stadia is the type of populist thinking which has left Northern Ireland and our services in the difficult place they currently are.

“If we are planning to spend a large sum of money like £110m on taking the rough edges of three old stadia, why have none of the other parties got the vision to go the whole hog and give people a new shared stadium which could enable us to host major sporting events and some of the massive music gigs, which currently only take place in Dublin or London.

“The Maze site was ideal for a shared multi-sports stadium but this opportunity appears to have been squandered to the shame of those who ducked this very positive, but sometimes controversial option. Where is the ambition that Northern Ireland needs, not only to create a shared future but also a more vibrant and prosperous one too?

“There is a £110m pot of money there for major regional stadia, so why can’t this cash be put to better use to provide us with a landmark stadium complex which would deliver massive amount of work for our hard-hit construction sector? I would appeal to all parties to rethink this flawed plan to renovate three old stadia.”


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