Lo says remark about her by Conall McDevitt is insult

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said she feels deeply insulted by Conall McDevitt’s comment that ‘Ms Lo clearly doesn’t understand the importance of diversity’, and she said he he is incorrect because before she became an Assembly member she worked to promote cultural and linguistic diversity across the community for decades. She also asked for an apology from Conall McDevitt for his remark about her. Conall McDevitt make the remark in a press release regarding what Anna said on plans for bilingual roadsigns.

Anna Lo MLA said: “Before I became an Assembly member, I worked for decades promoting both linguistic and cultural diversity. For Conall McDevitt to say ‘Ms Lo clearly doesn’t understand the importance of diversity’ is deeply insulting. I was awarded an MBE in recognition for my work to promote good relations and diversity, and for him to say this is staggering.

“I know that political debate can be robust, but I don’t think anyone should insult someone in the personal way that he has. I believe that he should apologise for making this remark.

“Alliance believes in positive politics to build constructive relationships and a shared future. We would like to see other parties joining us in doing this, and I am deeply disappointed at Conall’s negative comment.

“He has totally missed the point we made regarding these particular plans and how they could actually damage community relations, because with the way the proposed system will work there can unfortunately not be both Irish and Ulster Scots together on any sign. Alliance is strongly in favour of the promotion of languages like Irish and Ulster Scots, but they must be promoted in a way which enhances community relations, as opposed to potentially damaging them.”


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