Lawther issues railway crossings safety call

South Antrim Alliance Candidate Alan Lawther has called on people to ensure they use railways crossings safely. Translink and the Ulster Farmers’ Union have been campaigning on the issue.

Alan Lawther said: “Northern Ireland has seen tragedies at rail crossings in the past and if people are aware of how to stay safe, we hopefully never have to hear of incidents like these in future.

“People failing to adhere to safety practice at crossings not only put their own life at risk but also the lives of the passengers and rail staff on the train.

“Translink are working closely with the Ulster Farmers’ Union on this issue and I strongly welcome their efforts in raising awareness of this important matter. Those who put themselves or others in danger at railway crossing run the risk of a hefty fine and CCTV evidence can be use to prosecute offenders. Safety is the paramount concern and people need to realise that trying to save 30 seconds in a journey could cost people a lot of money, or even their life.”


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