Butler selected for Alliance for Mid-Ulster

Ian Butler has been selected by the Alliance Party to run in the Mid-Ulster constituency in the Westminster election.

Ian Butler said: “Alliance is the best vehicle for change because it is the only party that makes ending division and tension in Northern Ireland its top priority. Alliance is a strong voice against tribalism and has played a very constructive role in safeguarding peace here, while other so-called moderate parties have played partisan games regarding the recent Hillsborough deal.

“I have a background in the Labour Party and ever since I got involved in politics I have believed that it is all about delivering real and positive change in people’s everyday lives. That’s what Alliance means in Northern Ireland – Working for everyone.

“If you believe in solutions and hard work instead of tribal dogma, Alliance is the only party for you.”



Ian Butler worked in Social Care for over twenty years, mostly working with young offenders and the homeless in London, Leicester and Birmingham. He is currently starting his own internet bookselling business in Fermanagh, as well as being a writer.

Ian is a lover of reading as befits a bookseller and travelled extensively in Europe and the Americas. He is committed to equality and fairness and has over 30 years experience in politics in England and Northern Ireland. He lives with his partner in Fermanagh.

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