Lawther hails potential breakthrough on renewables

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has welcomed a commitment from Finance Minister Nigel Dodds to examine the case for reducing or removing building control fees in respect of small scale renewable energy. His comments came after he was questioned on the issue by Alliance Leader David Ford in the Assembly.

Antrim Councillor Lawther said: “In the Assembly, Mr Dodds responded to a question from Alliance Leader David Ford by stating that he was prepared to examine the case for removing these fees to encourage householders to install renewable energy systems at their homes.

“The removal of these fees would greatly help encourage people to change over to renewable energy. There is currently far too much bureaucracy involved in applying to planning permission and building control. The costs may also put some people off applying to use renewables, so the removal of such fees is essential.

“Alliance welcomes Mr Dodds statement but we will not just leave it at that. We will continue push him until these fees are removed. Building a sustainable society is a goal that must be achieved.”


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