Former Mayor condemns ‘sinister’ attack on house

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast Tom Ekin has hit out at the thugs who attacked a house in the Donegall Road area in South Belfast. A device was pushed through the letterbox of the house at around 8.30pm last night.

South Belfast Alliance Councillor Tom Ekin said: “This was a despicable attack. There was clear intent to this attack given the fact that this crude device was pushed through the letterbox of a house.

“This incident took place while three people were in the house and that information makes this act all the more appalling.

“Police are currently investigating the circumstances but this is clearly a very sinister attack.

“It is a miracle that no one was hurt and my thoughts are with the residents at this time of extreme trauma. I would appeal to anyone who witnessed this incident to contact police so that the perpetrators can be apprehended.”


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