Kilroot trials lead to better environment for all

Alliance Enterprise spokesman Séan Neeson has welcomed

news that trials to co-fore biomass with coal at

Kilroot have proved successful, thus reducing carbon

dioxide emissions.

The East Antrim MLA stated: ‘Tragic events in the

United States have illustrated again just how

important it is to improve the environment around

this. The Alliance Party has always taken a leading

role in proposing policies which achieve this without

restricting people’s freedom.

‘What Kilroot has achieved here is a classic example

of this. It is good for the environment because it

reduces CO2 fired into the atmosphere, it is good for

the people of Northern Ireland who will benefit from

cheaper electricity, and it also provides a new

opportunity for farmers to make a business out of

local sources of biomass.

‘It is not an “either/or” game of improving the

environment or improving people’s freedoms. We must do

all we can to achieve both at once. This is good news

all round for Northern Ireland.’


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