Hatred does not represent local people – Dunlop

Alliance North Antrim spokesperson Jayne Dunlop has

said the symbols, slogans (Posters) and acts of hatred

witnessed recently around Ballymena do not represent

most of the local community fairly.

The Ballymena representative stated: ‘As if recent

sectarian attacks were not enough, now we see posters

justifying them appearing.

‘However, those responsible do not for one minute

represent local people, who are by and large quite

happy to share their communities with people of all


‘But while North Antrim gets misrepresented in this

way, people are entitled to ask what these people’s

representatives are doing to promote the decent

majority. People have every right to demand civic

leadership from their elected representatives to

enable people to resolve their problems democratically

and to end all violence and threats of violence.’


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