Local people and police must help each other – Dunlop

Alliance North Antrim representative Jayne Dunlop has

said that only better cooperation between local people

and the police can restore confidence in law

enforcement in North Antrim.

Speaking after a meeting with the PSNI, the former

Party Chairwoman stated: ‘I accept the police, from

the Chief Constable downwards, has been working hard

to track down those responsible for the recent attacks

in the area and have arrested several people.

Assigning more police officers to Ballymena should

give people some reassurance in that regard.

‘However, there needs to be greater co-operation

between the police and local people. The confidence of

people in the PSNI was dented by recent events in

Ballymena, particularly its lack of decisive and firm

action against the youths who threw stones at the

police in the mixed Dunclug area last month.

‘I can reassure people that they can be confident that

the information they give to the PSNI is anonymous.

This information is central to taking trouble makers

will be taken out of circulation.

‘Everyone has a responsibility to work to rid the area

of people who are causing misery to local people both

in specific attacks but also generally in unruly

behaviour on the estates.’


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