Irish Cup ticketing arrangements show alarming lack of judgment

Alliance Sports Spokesperson Michael Long has said the IFA’s failure to guarantee Linfield and Glentoran fans their own sections for the Irish Cup Final on Saturday is a worrying misjudgment.

The Castlereagh Councillor, who plans to attend the game himself, stated: “It is not often the Alliance Party calls for segregation, but given there was a riot when these two teams met little over a year ago, the idea that each set of fans may not have separate seating sets alarm bells ringing.

“Given the behaviour of a minority of fans at recent fixtures between the clubs, would anyone seriously contemplate a family day out to the Cup Final with the two sets of supporters mixed in with each other?

“After the IFA’s chaotic EGM last week and the ludicrous decision not to put out an U21 team for the last set of qualifiers in a group that included England and Wales, now we have another basic misjudgment. The IFA is capable of great work, such as with its recent community relations campaign, but people are beginning to wonder if the game is safe in their hands.

“The objective must be to make football a game that can be attended by families from all backgrounds in comfort. This cannot be brought about by the short-sighted mismanagement that seems to be running the game currently.”


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