NI needs more people like Pastor Paul: Tom Ekin, former Lord Mayor

Former Alliance Lord Mayor Councillor Tom Ekin, speaking at the Launch of Adullam Ministries at the City Hall welcomed people from all parts of Belfast: people who would never have been brought together peacefully and constructively except for the dedication of Pastor Paul Burns and his wife Caroline.

Cllr Ekin stated: “The dedication of Paul and Caroline had made a significant improvement to the lives of young mothers and children from Loyalist and Nationalist backgrounds, and this can only be good for the whole of Northern Ireland.

“Pastor Paul deserves praise for his initiatives and persistence, he goes where other people fear to tread, he accepts challenges which others are afraid to accept, it is with people like Paul that Northern Ireland can become more at peace with itself, have more genuine pride in its people and histories.

“I first met Paul Burns during my year as Lord Mayor, when I was coming from a late night function at the Ulster Hall and met Paul, who was outside supplying food and warmth to the unfortunates who were homeless outside.

“As Caroline said: “When the young mums and kids get together, no matter where they live, they are still young mums and young kids, with a whole life ahead, and we need to try to make it better for them, so they, in turn, can make a positive difference.'”


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