Concern that NI will be ‘rates test case’

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has said people in Northern Ireland have every right to be concerned about the region being used as a test case for revaluing properties for rates.

Speaking on the BBC’s “Politics Show”, the East Belfast Assembly member stated: “It is a matter of extreme concern that Northern Ireland is being used as a test case for re-rating, prior to changes in England and Wales.

“This is very similar to the use of Scotland as a test case for the introduction of the Poll Tax.

“We have already had a 20% increase this year and potential for a 25% increase next year. Now we are being threatened with another 40% in order supposedly to ‘equalize’ our bills with England.

“In this week where we have seen serious misjudgements from three prominent Government ministers in London, the prospect of Northern Ireland being used as a financial test case by the current Government, with the resultant soaring rates, is worrying.”


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