High Hedges legislation must be made priority

Alliance Ballymena representative Jayne Dunlop has said a positive response to the idea of extending High Hedges legislation to Northern Ireland must be acted upon quickly to solve the problem of “nuisance hedges”.

Ms Dunlop, a former Party Chair, stated: “The results of a public consultation on the issue of ‘nuisance hedges’ are clear — the requirement is for legislation at least on a par with that existing in England and Wales.

“We have assurances from the Department that this requirement is recognized, and that relevant legislation will be brought forward to apply in Northern Ireland.

“Our only concern is the timescale — the Department suggests that it cannot be done before 2007, but there must be an assurance and communication with the public that this legislation will apply as soon as possible.

“I have spoken to many people in Ballymena on this issue, and they speak with one voice. The relevant legislation is required urgently.”


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