Hendron: DUP and UUP have misled public

The Alliance Party has said the DUP and UUP should be publicly shamed for their attempts to mislead the public over the City Hall flag debate.

Both parties have confessed to delivering bogus leaflets targeting the Alliance Party across Belfast, containing facts and rhetoric now proven to be untrue.

In the leaflets the DUP and UUP claim a survey of 100 councils showed more than 95 percent fly the Union flag 365 days of the year. Alliance has now surveyed all 400 Councils in England, Scotland and Wales, with results showing 36 percent of those who responded opting for a designated days policy.

Councillor Maire Hendron said: “The Alliance Party has surveyed all 400 Councils across England, Scotland and Wales, with the results very different to the figures the DUP have used to increase tensions and fear on the issue.

“Our results show that 36 percent of Councils across England, Scotland and Wales fly the Union flag on designated days, 34 percent fly it every day, with 30 percent of Councils surveyed failing to give a response.

“This proves that flying the Union flag on designated days is a popular choice among many Councils across the UK. It is clear the DUP and UUP have manipulated the figures, surveying only the Councils they knew would give them the result required to mislead the public.

“The residents of Belfast deserve better than this. Instead of honesty, the DUP and UUP chose to lie to the people of Belfast for their own good.

“Designated days is the policy at Stormont – where DUP and UUP MLAs have no problem – and has now been proven to be a regularly used system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“The Equality Commission has also said it is the best way forward for Northern Ireland and a policy Alliance will always support.”

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