Long meeting to tackle internet access for businesses in Harbour Estate

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long is to hold a meeting on this afternoon with DETI officials, BT and members of the Harbour Commission to discuss problems which local businesses have had with the poor performance of their internet access. In recent months she has been in contact with many businesses who have complained about the poor level of access, which is affecting their ability to do business efficiently.

Naomi Long said: “In these days where global communications are vital to building successful businesses it is not acceptable that there is such a poor performance in terms of internet access in parts of the Harbour Estate area of East Belfast.

“Many local businesses have contacted us to express their concerns about internet speeds and performance and as a result I have set up this meeting with the Harbour Commissioners, DETI officials and BT, who are responsible for the infrastructure in the area, in order to see what can be done to improve the service. I hope that the outcome will be that local businesses who provide vital employment in the area will receive an improved service and be better able to compete for business locally and further afield.”

The meeting is to be held at 3pm in the Harbour Estate

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