Hannah Su selected to stand for Alliance in Fermanagh and South Tyrone

The Alliance Party has selected Hannah Su to stand in the Fermanagh and South Tyrone Assembly election and the Dungannon District Council election.

Hannah Su said: “I am very pleased to be running for Alliance . We are a party with massive momentum. We have seen Naomi Long elected as an MP and seen David Ford becoming Northern Ireland’s first Justice Minister in 40 years.”

Supporting the library in Moy which has been threatened with closure, Hannah Su said: “I fully support the ‘Save Moy Library’ group and would urge library users, local residents and all political representatives to keep the pressure on the authorities to save this vital service. A library is so important to the social fabric of the community, not only children but for those who do not have internet access at home and to help promote lifelong learning.”

Hannah also called for more government support for small/medium businesses in Fermanagh, Tyrone and across Northern Ireland, saying: “The government should do more for local businesses that are struggling. Many small businesses, which are the heart and soul of towns like Dungannon and Enniskillen, are now closing due to the tough economic time we are currently experiencing. These businesses need more help – they add character to towns and more importantly, deliver good customer service, and they are vital to our economy. I also support the European supermarkets that have been set up in Dungannon. My dad who has successfully set up and run a Chinese take-away here for over 22 years has proved that one can settle here in the community and make a positive contribution to society. It also enables locals to taste other cultures.”

Hannah added: “Alliance works for everyone and is the only party that makes tackling damaging societal division their top priority.

“We have seen many new high profile representatives from right across the community joining Alliance as they see the positive politics of Alliance leading the way and delivering for all.”



Hannah was born in Northern Ireland , of Vietnamese origin. She is the second oldest of four siblings. She is second generation Chinese/Vietnamese.

Most of her life she has lived in Dungannon. She attended primary school in Craigavon and secondary school in Dungannon. Hannah then went to the University of the West of England in Bristol to read Law.

After University she worked for an NGO that helped and empowered the Chinese Community in the Southern region of Northern Ireland .

Hannah is currently employed by the Southern Trust as a Community Lifestyle Support Worker on a project called REACH which stands for Regenerating Environments and Communities’ Health. She also teaches English for Speakers of Other Languages at the South West College in Dungannon.

Her hobbies include running, walking, cycling, Hockey, reading and cooking. She is a member of Toastmasters in Cookstown (Cookstown Speakers club).

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