Alliance slams Elliott talk of tribal pact to stop Sinn Fein

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has condemned UUP Leader Tom Elliott’s talk of a plan to stop Sinn Fein gaining the First Minister’s post as nothing more than a grubby and negative tribal pact. Mr Elliott discussed the plan for the UUP and DUP to form a post-election pact in today’s Belfast Telegraph.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “This talk from Tom Elliott smacks of the tired politics of the past.

“This sounds like a Baldrick-style cunning plan which will do nothing for people and nothing for the reputation of politics in Northern Ireland.

“People want politicians that listen and they want politicians to provide real solutions to the problems they face every day. Jobs are being lost and services are being cut around Northern Ireland. People want politicians to display vision to see them through these tough times. They want positive politics, not posturing and grubby tribal pacts.

“This cheap and nasty pact plan does nothing but drag politics here backwards towards the bad old days. If this is the best the UUP can offer the people of Northern Ireland then they may find themselves in difficulties come election day.”


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