Gray welcomes Central Primary School’s commitment to achieving integrated status

Alliance representative Lauren Gray has welcomed Central Primary School’s decision to move towards becoming an integrated school.

The news was announced this week, after the principal and board took the step of balloting parents after they detected interest in integration among the school community. The parents voted to move to Integrated Status.

Lauren said: “It’s fantastic to see a local school take the step towards becoming a completely inclusive school that will be welcoming to the whole community.

“It’s even better to hear it was the community that decided to take the step. This reflects recent polls that confirm over 70% would like to send their children to an integrated school. The ethos of an integrated school celebrates individual identity and respect for others’ cultural, religious and diverse backgrounds.

“There should be many more Integrated Schools in Northern Ireland. The only reason why there are not more is because successive Ministers did not replicate parent’s wishes by helping to promote integration. It’s wonderful to now see parents take back control and move Carrick Central towards integration.

“Prior to the collapse my colleague Kellie Armstrong MLA had been working on a Private Members’ Bill to expand and reform the current legislation framework – which would have provided for the promotion and development of integrated education’

“I hope this move by Carrick Central Primary will start a conversation locally about the kind of society our children deserve.”

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