Go green with your old yellow pages to save environment and cut rates bills

People across Northern Ireland are being urged to recycle old yellow pages when their new editions are delivered. Alliance Environment Spokesperson Stewart Dickson stated that recycling old yellow pages can protect the environment and help cut rates bills.

Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson said: “I would strongly encourage the people of Northern Ireland to recycle instead of throwing away thousands of tonnes of recyclable paper into landfills.

“People should put them into their recycling bins or take them to paper bins in recycling centres.

“There was confusion a few years ago as to whether yellow pages could be recycled because of colourings and glue, however it has been confirmed that last year’s editions can be. Last year’s edition is not dyed yellow. It is white with a colour wash and the glue is soluble; therefore, it can be recycled.

“The old yellow pages can be use to make cardboard, animal bedding, packaging, egg boxes, insulation material, padded-envelopes and art paper. So don’t dump it, recycle it.

“Councils are charged by the tonne for landfill waste, so every bit of material recycled, no matter how small, will help keep your rates bills lower.

“Every yellow pages recycled not only helps the environment but helps keep your household bills down.”


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