Integrity Means Recognising Where No Agreement Exists – Farry

With the DUP and Sinn Fein refusing to implement their obligations under the St. Andrews Agreement, Alliance Party General Secretary, Stephen Farry, has called upon the Governments to formally recognise where progress is not being made.

The North Down Assembly candidate stated: “Right at the outset, Alliance recognised that the St Andrews Agreement did not constitute an ‘agreement’. Nothing was learned from the flaws from the Good Friday Agreement process, cracks were papered over, and difficult issues were pushed off into the distance.

“Since then, our fears have been confirmed. The two key parties have failed to implement the timetable. Neither party gave an unqualified acceptance of St Andrews by 10th November.

“People have a right to expect real progress. And they have a right to know when they are not getting it. Genuine progress depends upon integrity, acknowledging where things are moving forward, and not pretending otherwise when they are not.

“At a time when people are having to find ways to pay higher rates and water charges the current process cannot be allowed to hit the buffers. People do not need a quick fix, but a process aimed at providing genuine, stable and sustainable power-sharing.”


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