Former Lord Mayor glad that Irish Diplomat has returned to continue her good work

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Tom Ekin, has stated that he is glad that Irish Aine De Baroid has returned to Belfast to continue her work and he said that it is disgrace that she was forced to leave in the first place. Aine De Bariod had been working with Irish President Mary McAleese’s husband Martin on outreach work with loyalists. Tom Ekin had worked with her on a successful project during his time as Lord Mayor.

The Balmoral Alliance Party Councillor said: “Aine had been carrying out excellent work in Belfast and I am very glad that she had returned to the city to continue this work.

“When I was Lord Mayor, I was able to work with her to benefit people in loyalist areas, yet disgracefully, it was loyalists who forced her out of Belfast.

“She is someone who has worked tirelessly to get everyone together and to help eradicate sectarian violence and hatred. I have heard many loyalists express their thanks to her for the hard work she had done.

“Aine has helped make considerable progress on community relations and I was pleased to work with her in a successful initiative with loyalists.

“It is absolutely sickening that she was intimidated and forced out of Belfast by loyalist thugs in the first place.

“I hope that she is now allowed to continue her work without threat from these thugs.”


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