Alliance backs Amnesty International crackdown on violence against women

Alliance Party Chair Yvonne Boyle has welcomed Amnesty International’s call for more resources and co-ordination to help prevent domestic violence. She stated that attitudes must change to prevent all attacks on women in Northern Ireland, and she said that the horrific attack on a woman in Woodvale Park in North Belfast on Monday illustrated the need for immediate action. The Amnesty International campaign comprises 16 days of activism for violence against women.

Ms Boyle, who is member of Amnesty International and is a senior social worker dealing with incidents of domestic violence, said: “I strongly support this initiative and hope it is successful in stamping out attacks on women.

“The billions of pounds wasted on segregation in Northern Ireland would be far better spent on preventing domestic violence, providing support for victims and ending the culture of ignoring aggressive behaviour.

“It is a scandal that women continue to be attacked and killed, when instead of money being spend on combating violence, cash is being wasted on dividing our society.

“Awareness must be raised and attitudes must change in order to stamp out all attacks on women, whether domestic or outside the home. We heard about the appalling attack on a woman in Woodvale Park in North Belfast on Monday. Such incidents illustrate the urgent need for more resources to help put a stop to all attacks.”


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