Funding for UDA is wrong, whether there is decommissioning or not

Alliance Spokesperson Cllr Tom Campbell has stated that providing public money for the UDA is totally wrong, even if the group decommissions all its weapons. His comments come after Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie stated that a decision is due on the UDA funding within the next few weeks.

Newtownabbey Councillor Tom Campbell said: “It is an affront to the public that money meant to help improve local services for them will go to the UDA. What sort of message does giving public money to the UDA send out?

“It appears that crime and paramilitarism does pay, and this is totally unacceptable.

“Devolution has been up and running since May 8, and the Social Development Minister has not yet acted to stop this UDA windfall.

“Why has it taken so long for Margaret Ritchie to address this issue? Why also is this decision being taken whilst the Assembly is not in session? MLAs should be given the chance to have an input into this important decision, as it is an extremely controversial matter.”


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