Why no laws to crack down on sectarian and racist chanting yet?

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has criticised the Executive over that fact that the Assembly has been up and running for nearly two months, and still no concrete plans to stop sectarian and racist chanting at football matches have been put forward by either the NIO or DCAL.

Opposition MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “Devolution has been up and running for almost two months and still we have had no action on creating laws to crack down prejudice at football grounds. The Executive should be placing more pressure on the NIO to act on this one.

“The Assembly is now in recess and by the time MLAs return to business, the football season will be in full flight. I know that it might take some time to enact such laws; however, pressure should have been applied on the NIO by the Executive since the return of devolution at the start of May.

“Alliance has long campaigned for legislation similar to the Football Offences Act that exists in England, to help us eradicate all forms of prejudice from the terraces. Alliance at least is pushing the NIO for progress on creating such laws, even if the Executive is not.”


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