We need more joined-up government to crack down on domestic violence

Alliance Party Chair Yvonne Boyle has called for a more joined-up approach to combat domestic violence and called on government to make it easier for those experiencing domestic violence to speak out. Her comments come following today’s publication of the Research and Statistics Bulletin ‘Experience of Domestic Violence: Findings from the 2005 Northern Ireland Crime Survey.’

Yvonne Boyle, who as a social worker, has worked with people who have experienced domestic violence, said: “These statistics are encouraging in that more people feel able to report incidents of domestic violence; however, the government still has much work to do to make it easier for people to speak out on the issue.

“More work must also be done to make departments and agencies work together better to combat the problem. We need more joined-up government and more awareness-raising campaigns, like advertisements, to help us crack down on domestic violence.

“We are trying to create a society where everyone can feel free from intimidation and violence and create an environment where people feel safe to speak out against and report incidents of domestic violence.”


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