Ford welcomes Government’s plans to press ahead with talks

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has welcomed the Government’s plans to press ahead with talks scheduled for Monday after announcing the commissioning of an independent assessment of paramilitaries.

He was speaking after Theresa Villiers said the assessment, which is due to be published in mid-October, would be used to inform parties at the talks.

Mr Ford said he hoped parties who had been competing with each other would now put the interests of the whole community at the forefront of their engagement in the process.

“Alliance has long said there needs to be an independent body to examine all paramilitary activity, as well as breaches of the Assembly’s pledge of office, especially when it comes to undermining the credibility of the institutions.

“This one-off assessment may serve a range of purposes but we remain committed to exploring a standing mechanism.

“Alliance will go to these talks to press the case for a cross-party commitment to tackle paramilitarism in all its forms, displays and connections with political parties, and to end the cycle of crisis after crisis that has plagued the power-sharing institutions.”

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