Alliance selects Dickson and Donnelly for East Antrim

Stewart Dickson MLA and activist Danny Donnelly have been selected to contest the next Assembly election in East Antrim for Alliance.

Mr Dickson is the sitting MLA, and Mr Donnelly – who lives in Larne – is well known in the constituency for his passion on environmental issues.

Following their selection, Mr Dickson said he was looking forward to the election.

“The East Antrim electorate deserve to be represented in 2016, not in 1976, as other parties clearly are doing as they squabble with each other and risk losing local knowledge to elected representatives with constituencies in Great Britain under direct rule Ministers.

“It really is time for sensible people to elect sensible politicians who will deal with key local issues such as infrastructure improvement in the Glens; a redevelopment strategy for Greenisland; natural gas to Whitehead and other urban areas; improved rail links for freight to the port of Larne; upgraded fibre optic linkage speeds; driving up prosperity on the back of our recent enhancements to the A2 and A8 roads, and securing proper care for the elderly and vulnerable in our society.”

Mr Donnelly said the Alliance pair would represent everyone in the constituency.

“While the future of the institutions remains uncertain, Alliance is continuing to work hard for everyone locally and is ready for an election – whatever might happen.”

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