Ford sees workings of local GP surgery

Alliance Leader David Ford has visited a local GP surgery in his constituency to get a feel for the workload they face on a daily basis. He spent some time at the practice of Dr Allen McCullough and colleagues in Antrim Health Centre.

David Ford said: “I met doctors, nurses and administrative staff and discussed the challenges facing our health centres and the health system in general.

“It provided a great opportunity to talk about the relationship between health centres and hospitals, and the way they work with hospital laboratories. We also discussed matters involving patient waiting lists and discussed the doctor on call service. We also got a chance to look at the issues surrounding the swine flu vaccine.

“I was extremely impressed with the work carried out by all the staff and can see the high level of pressure they face on a daily basis within their work. Having seen the building they work in, I would like to see the Department and Trust invest for the future and give them new facilities to match the excellent quality of their work.”


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