Ford calls for action to tackle expected increase in fuel poverty

Alliance Leader David Ford has expressed his concern at the report by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland in their Annual Update on Fuel Poverty and Health 2009 that says that levels of fuel poverty are expected to increase as improvements in energy efficiency are negated by increasing fuel costs.

David Ford MLA said: “Fuel poverty is a massive issue in Northern Ireland and we need to look to radical, green ways to make heating our homes cheaper. Last winter, despite warnings that this was going to be a problem, it took them until May this year for help to be given to those affected by it.

“This is not just about insulating homes, it’s also essential that the Executive has a strategy to create more renewable energy sources to drive down energy prices.

“The numbers speak for themselves as there was a 23% increase in deaths from the cold weather last year. This statistic shows that the Executive is not successfully addressing this vitally important issue. They must stop playing political games, concentrate on all the big issues, and stop failing the public and the most vulnerable people in our society.”


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