Ford says vote for a brighter future

Alliance Leader David Ford has called on people to vote for a brighter future and abandon the tired politics of the past. He said a vote for Alliance is a vote for change and for positive politics.

David Ford said: “People want a better future. People want change. Alliance is the party that is leading change. We offer new, positive politics and I would encourage everyone to use their vote to deliver a second Alliance Minister at the centre of government.

“We are the party that makes delivering a better future our top priority through tackling division and delivering an economic revolution. During the election campaign other parties have focused on who will be First Minister. This is not an issue that people are interested in. They want to see what parties will do to create jobs, deliver better services and deliver more value for money. Alliance has a radical vision and we have put forward the most detailed policies out of all parties to boost our economy and deliver more quality and efficiency in our public services.

“We have delivered on justice and in local councils – we have and will continue to deliver for everyone at every level of government.

“Many people are abandoning the politics of the past and joining Alliance’s movement for change. If people want a fresh approach they should vote Alliance.

“People who may be disillusioned with politics of the past in Northern Ireland have a clear alternative for the future and that is Alliance. A strong vote for the party of a shared future sends out a clear message that action is needed to tackle segregation. A vote for Alliance will help us transform politics in Northern Ireland and deliver an economic revolution.”


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