Long says positive politics works

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has said that Northern Ireland needs a positive party that is leading change at the forefront of the Executive at Stormont. She said Alliance delivers constructive politics, and she stated the negative campaigning of other’s indicates how little they have to offer.

Naomi Long said: “People are sick and tired of the negative campaigning, the scare mongering and the stale tribal debates which have characterised this election.

“Alliance has focused on positive politics and on the real issues like job creation and delivering improved services, unlike other parties that seem more interested in political point scoring.

“We have demonstrated what positive politics looks like – open, honest and transparent. It means treating promises made during a campaign as real promises and keeping them. Other parties promised to end MP double jobbing, but whilst we kept our promise within weeks, others still haven’t. We have confronted the tough choices facing everyone who will be elected, rather than hiding them from voters until after the election. We have focused on our strong record of delivery and what we will do in the next four years, not desperately resorting to scare tactics and unfounded attacks on others.

“Negative campaigning when under pressure simply exposes the lack of constructive policy and practical solutions that others have to offer the public.

“Alliance is not in the business of trying to scare people into voting for us, we aim to inspire them.

“Voters in East Belfast saw the power of their vote last year when they not only changed who was elected, but also changed those who weren’t elected. People across Northern Ireland can be part of leading that change by voting for Alliance.”


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