Alliance says more action on mixed housing is essential

Alliance Housing Spokesperson Anna Lo has said that Alliance would deliver more mixed housing and action to encourage more areas to sign up to the Shared Neighbourhood Programme to improve community relations and tackle segregation which costs us £1 Billion annually.

South Belfast Alliance Representative Anna Lo said: “Alliance will work to deliver more mixed housing developments and creating more shared neighbourhoods. It is vital that there is a strong plan of action to deliver more shared neighbourhoods right across Northern Ireland.

“Having people from all backgrounds living side by side helps greatly to improve community relations.

“You simply cannot underestimate the impact of the issue of housing in relation to building a shared future. We would make a law ensuring that the Housing Executive actively promotes and facilitates mixed housing. We will also work to encourage more areas to sign up to the shared neighbourhoods programme to help tackle division.

“Segregation costs our society £1 billion every year. That is an unnecessary burden which we simply cannot cope with, particularly at this difficult time for public finances. It makes sense to tackle division and that’s why we make the issue our top priority.”


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