Dickson says use your vote and don’t leave it to others to decide your future

Alliance East Antrim representative Cllr Stewart Dickson has encourage everyone to vote on Thursday, saying if they don’t it means others will decide who forms the next Executive and who is elected to Councils.

Cllr Stewart Dickson said: “On Thursday, people have the chance to determine the makeup of the next Assembly and Executive. These politicians will be making key decisions which affect every person’s day to day life, whether it be on education, health or jobs.

“If people do not go to the polls then they will be leaving it up to others to determine who gets elected. People should make their voice heard by using their vote. We need a big turn out on Thursday to ensure that the next Assembly is truly representative of everyone in Northern Ireland.

“You often hear stories that one individual’s vote will not change much, but we have seen elections won by only a handful of votes. One person’s vote could determine a result.

“Some also say that they will not be voting because the same parties always get into power at Stormont, but if Alliance makes a couple of the gains there could be a second Alliance Minister in the Executive. Just look at the positive reforms that David Ford has made as Justice Minister since 2010, then imagine the difference that two Alliance Ministers at the Executive table could make.

“I strongly urge everyone to come out and vote and decide who will run Northern Ireland for the next four years. If you leave it to others, then you lose your voice. Make a difference and vote for change by voting Alliance.”


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