Ford says disruption will simply strengthen people’s resolve

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has condemned security alerts and disruption saying that such actions have strengthen people’s resolve to bring dissident republicans to justice. His comments come in relation to ongoing security alerts.

David Ford said: “These small elements are trying to disrupt people’s everyday lives. They have caused annoyance but their actions have merely strengthened the resolve of people to protect the peace and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Northern Ireland has emerged from the past few weeks of turmoil more united than ever. Dissidents need to wake up and accept that they will not destabilise the community. They will not succeed.

“The public should contact police to provide them with any piece of information, no matter how small, that might help get these individuals off our streets. The public simply don’t want disorder to return, so I believe that people from across the community will do all in their power to help the police apprehend these individuals.”


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