Neeson says FG Wilson job losses are another blow to East Antrim

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has said that plans for a further 95 redundancies at the FG Wilson engineering firm is yet another setback for East Antrim.

East Antrim MLA Seán Neeson stated: “This is yet more devastating news for the East Antrim area. Already this week we heard of jobs being lost at Nortel, now we have this terrible news at FG Wilson.

“West Belfast has also had a particularly tough few days, with redundancies at Visteon and the FG Wilson job losses at Springvale.

“I would again call on the relevant Minister to ensure that measures are in place to offer support and assistance to those affected by this announcement.

“The public are getting increasingly worried because the Stormont Executive appears to be able to do little to stem this loss of jobs here. We need to take a sustainable approach to deal with the downturn and provide projects to boost the construction industry and re-invigorate our economy.

“Job creation in this harsh economic climate is difficult, so as well as trying to attract extra investment, the Stormont Executive should be doing more to safeguard posts that already exist.”


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