Ford says bomb parts find extremely sinister

Alliance Leader David Ford has described a bomb components find outside Rosslea as deeply worrying. The bomb parts found on the road between Rosslea and Donagh included 100lbs of fertiliser.

David Ford said: “The sheer amount of fertiliser found at this site near Rosslea underlines the sinister threat posed by those who would seek to destabilise political institutions here.

“This deeply worrying find highlights the need for political parties to continue to stand united against these evil elements.

“The level of disruption caused to the local community in this area due to this activity is absolutely despicable. The community will not give in to this small number of individuals and they want those responsible to be brought to justice.

“I call on anyone with any piece of information on this find, no matter how small, to contact police immediately and help them to apprehend those involved.”


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