Ford highlights Departmental work tackling business crime

Alliance Justice Minister David Ford has highlighted the work his Department is doing to tackle business crime in the community.

Mr Ford was speaking during an Assembly motion on the issue yesterday (Monday), in which he made fellow MLAs aware of the impact of business crime not just on individual retailers but the wider community.

“Such crime cannot be tackled by the business community or criminal justice system alone. Partnership is essential if sustainable solutions are to be developed. This involves working with representatives from businesses and law enforcement, along with the local community.

“In this year, much has been achieved by my Department, the PSNI and others, including the production of a retail crime reduction guide; the PSNI Safe Shop Scheme; a Retailers Against Crime conference and a new text and email alert system for the business community.

“What is of paramount importance is the harm which business crime has on its victims. Far from being a victimless crime, it affects the profitability of business and cost of goods we buy in shops every day. I can assure the business community and the wider public I will continue to work to address business crime and bring those responsible to justice.”

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