Lyttle welcomes flag-flying poll results

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has welcomed the findings of a poll saying the majority of people back local Councils flying the Union Flag on designated days.

The survey, by the Lucid Talk polling company, showed over 50 per cent of people preferred flag-flying for Councils for 18 days a year, while 44 per cent believed the Assembly should be the body taking decisions on the flag-flying.

Mr Lyttle said the conclusions backed the Alliance position on the Union Flag, which is to see it flown on local Council buildings on designated days.

“The results of this survey confirm what we already knew, which is support for Alliance’s policy. We proposed it as part of the Haass talks in 2013 and in April 2014 in the Local Government Bill. We showed leadership on this issue but unfortunately other parties rejected our suggestions.

“That is particularly disappointing given in submissions to the Flags Order 2000, the UUP stated flying the flag on designated days honoured the Good Friday Agreement and showed sensitivity and mutual respect, while the PUP said there was no requirement to ‘all day, every day,’ and subsequently voted for the proposal in City Hall.

“If nationalist parties can support designated days in City Hall, they should also be able to support this position across all Council headquarters in Northern Ireland.

“I sincerely hope these findings will prompt other political parties to stop playing games with this sensitive issue and grasp the obvious compromise solution available for the common good of everyone in our community.”

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