Ford hails Zimbabwe power-sharing deal

Alliance Leader David Ford, who hosted Morgan Tsvangirai at the Liberal International Congress in Belfast in May has hailed the power-sharing deal which will see Morgan Tsvangirai becoming Prime Minister.

David Ford said: “I am very pleased that a deal has been struck in Zimbabwe that will see Morgan Tsvangirai becoming Prime Minister. I just hope that Mugabe holds to his part of the deal and does not wreck this agreement.

“People will be very suspicious about Mugabe’s intentions given his track record; however, I hope this accord will work for the good of the people of Zimbabwe.

“People in Zimbabwe have suffered at the hands of Mugabe for too long. People have been intimated, beaten and killed, and many left starving. We need to see change for the better in Zimbabwe and I believe that Morgan Tsvangirai can deliver it.”


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