DUP trying to blame others for their failure to tackle fuel poverty

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has said the DUP are trying to blame others for their failure to tackle fuel poverty. Jeffrey Donaldson today attempted to blame Gordon Brown by saying he will be asking why Northern Ireland was not included in Brown’s scheme to assist people with fuel bills.

The East Antrim MLA stated: “The Executive parties trying to blame others for their failure to deliver. This is another perfect example of this behaviour, with the DUP failing to take responsibility for tackling fuel poverty, and asking Gordon Brown why he is not doing their work for them.

“Peter Robinson’s budget of cuts, will hit local people hard, and it leaves no room for assisting people suffering the current energy price crisis. Its time for the DUP to stop playing the blame game and start making the Executive work.

“It’s time that local parties took full responsibility for issues that they have power over, instead of passing the buck. We need to see mature governance in Northern Ireland and taking responsibility is a key party of this.

“What Jeffrey Donaldson said today illustrates the begging bowl mentality that the tribal parties still believe in. This mindset is no good for Northern Ireland – We need a government with vision and ambition.”


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